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We charge a one-time setup fee for a license of the WAC.  You can spend the money on your server, proxy, and other things. We call this software, please click one, WAC allows many settings. You can change the size of the article, spinning, etc. level after removing the WAC turn the source content with our Rotary mechanism that uses the best available databases. Synonyms are more than 20 million which can be almost anything. Anything can happen in educational content and commercial information. WAC is compatible with more than 25 + directories, where you can scrape the contents of the article. They are the manuals directory PR high and approved to ensure that good quality products are obtained. Use our Thesaurus of spiders and the algorithm. Third parties need not scripts, which create content ensures faster and save money. We offer in our premium members on the basis of articles about 5 million members and 10 million articles. These are only some of the more than 500 + ezine articles niche and are very good. WAC eliminates unwanted things like invalid characters, encoded text, links to websites and other things that you don't want in your content. WAC has tools that you scrape images and videos and create a Spintax embed code. You can in any way. You can add a link in your articles, then replace with anything you want such as images, videos or < href > link custom labels. You can edit the content in different ways. You can change the number of lines and paragraphs, and the variations of the line or para. magic submitter api You can set that to much spinning and other details. You get more keywords keywords related to the WAC database content download. In this way you can generate thousands of articles for his campaign. User can translate using Google translate your text into another language, while Premium users can use our farm of the translation or Google translate. WAC is a beast compared to otherwise. It is built in 2-3 minutes. I can fill all of my campaigns within 5-10 minutes. Almost all programs are supported, which import more easily. James your instrument is incredibly fast. It provides solid content at an incredible speed. I have more than 500 + for my customers and campaigns faced problems. Thank you also for the timeliness. GSA with WAC is impressive. That you fill during the 8-10-6-8 minutes. Some of my previous campaigns took one day fully comply with all of the bells. Still beautiful build and I'm going to buy all. OK, I have almost all generators of content and receive a refund on their side, I love the WAC. Used for a week and it is great. The price is so cheap, and the features are so stunning. .