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Celebrity Tattoos

Singer/actress had a tattoo of a dove on the back downwards, and the star in his hand and a music symbol tattoo on his ankle. Singer and actress, known for her portrayal of Quinn Fabray on the television series glee. Has the script lines on left chest, reading some of Mary had a little lamb a reference on his mother, Mary and her lamb nickname tattooed. Has two small heart with letters in them in his left wrist. If the singer ' Xtina ' the back of the neck, a little flower? his left wrist, Te AMO always enter with the left forearm including her husband, in Hebrew, Hebrew words on the back small (I am my beloved to me, which is my favorite), Mickey Mouse tattoo just below the bikini (in honor of their Mouseketeer days), has several piercings, including NasenlochLabret, left right nipple, genitals, others. Swedish actress/model plays back Tibetan and Sanskrit means Lotus Flower, is a Z at the bottom of the right wrist. Ink tattoo sleeves star with flowers and tattooed models both poor, big colorful tattoos would be other women down the right leg. The actress has Sanskrit character for Lotus flower on her wrist, a tattoo of arch in the lower back (2 pages!), flower and Ladybird in the neck. The actress has 4 tattoos, one of them is 4 letters and a cross on his right arm on his left forearm tattoos, it looks like the two fishes, other? The singer has a line of symbols at the bottom of the right wrist, including a smiling face of acid house, a tattooed dog barks and Homer Simpson, chut. on his hand, a bird on a branch in the lumbar area. A tattoo of the Egyptian symbol of eternal life, surrounded by Sun-inspired design in the lower back, a large Celtic another singer with the word forever and the wings between her shoulder blades. Actress a tattoo of turtle shell at the ankle, Sanskrit symbol for daily use on the wrist, navel, pierced, had a fake Ouroboros on the back of the x-files. Canadian actress said a barbed, mother of finger-ankle bracelet that Tommy has small, tribal lower back photos and some others. Born Australian singer, the composer has several tattoos, including their children's initials, name of wife Katie Price on her finger, the 10 Commandments in the back. Actress does a Apple tattoo just below the line of shirts, from vines to left ankle, right ankle She leaves you, a swallow on the lower level on the left and a shell? under right into her womb. NBA basketball player has several tattoos, including Kanji characters, a hand, a balloon basket on the right arm, a shark and Kanji on the left arm. Member of the Group Green Day-right arm: Riverdales logo (27 in a circle), two angels, before another logo (Jesus Christ Superstar), Adrienne, Joseph, a rose, a small cross in hand, a vine around his arm, a pinhead written in katakana (Japanese, writing words with the alphabet in English), a baby smoking a cigarette; a small black heart. Left arm: son name Jacob, s. u. n. x. written in blocks, an armband of clowns, a child, a flower between the thumb and index fingers. Hip: the word punk. Great Dragon Ddgs singer Oriental design on his right arm, his left wrist heart skull & cross bones, in the left shoulder and many others. Singer, songwriter and guitarist has numerous tattoos, including a tattoo of a spider on the elbow, a spider tattoo partial sleeves, neck left Mexican style skull on his right bicep. Actor has the great figure fine lines in left calf tattoo on his left arm, the mother's name on the back, a dragon in the right calf, the Devil's woman-law, another pool. Actor and star of the Lord of the rings that other actors have the same tattoo as eight in celebrity tattoos childrens names the film. Elf design means nine (of the 9 members of the Fellowship of the ring) right ankle. The Briton actriz-modelo of personality and glamour and lingerie of television has two Chinese symbol on the abdomen, the word Princess in the upper part of the neck and an Angel in the lumbar area in written Arabic. A feline animal helmet in his right thigh and four Japanese symbols on his left leg, there are also many WWE wrestlers piercing. Ice hockey player. You naughty boy a Claddagh tattoo on his right shoulder, and the Celtic Cross designs on the left shoulder, a quote from a song by Radiohead on their right arm is used once again, here's what happens?,.